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        电气绝缘云母制品具有极其优良的电气性能(高介电强度、高绝缘电阻、低介 质损耗、耐电晕),机械性能以及良好的耐热性、耐潮性、化学稳定性和抗高能辐射等宝贵的性能。 因此,它在电气工业中被广泛采用, 特别是对大型高压电机绝缘来讲, 电气绝缘云母制品更是不可缺少的材料。
    我厂生产电气绝缘云母制品具有悠久的历史,是国内最老的专业生产工厂,有三十余年的生产经验。 选材优良,工艺技术完善,测试手段齐全, 价格公道合理,品种规格齐全,订货手续简便,具有制造各类云母制品的综合生产能力产品畅销国内外。
    我厂热情为您服务, 提供各种类型的电气绝缘云母制品, 对非标准规格的制品及 用户特殊需要的各种规格,均可面洽协商,加工制造,欢迎各电机、电器制造工厂及 电机、电器维修单位选购订货。 如急需本厂产品, 可以来信或来电将所需产品的型号、规格、数量、到站地址告之, 我厂即可及时投产并代为发运。
    云母带,柔软云母板,塑型云母板, 换向器云母板,电热云母板,衬垫云母板, 云母 箔和云母管等。

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y2.jpg (2905 bytes)          Mica   electric   insulation   products  possess many  precious properties such  as excellent    electrical  properties   (e. g. high  dielectric   strength   and resistivity  good resistance  to corona and dielectric consumption) , mechanical  properties, resistances
to heat and moisture,  chemical stability  insistance  to high energy radiation. Thus they find wild  applications in electrical industry and they are particularly  indispensable for large-power high  voltage motors.
    With    over   thirty  year , our  factory  has  been   specializing   in  manufacturing  mica electric insulation products.    It  is  the  oldest  one  in  our country.It uses fine selected materials also offers sophisticated technology,varied testing measurements,
resonable prices, a wide range of choices and simple ordering procedures, It is capable of making various kinds of mica products  .Ourproducts are sold both at home and abroad.
      We will  serve you  earnestly by supplying   you with various kinds of mica electric insulation products,in the case of non- standard products  or products of specifications specially required by the customer, a  discussion with us may be arranged so we will be able to manufacture  them accordingly.We  welcome  orders from manufacturers and maintenance  shops of electric motors and electric apparatuses.
    If our products are in urgent need,just send us a letter or a telegram stating clearly the type, specifications and  quantity of the product you need as well as your address. Then we will put them into production in time and dispatch them on behalf of you.