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     上海铝线厂是国家定点生产铝导线产品的中型企业,始建于1939年10月,是国内最早大量生产铝导线的工厂。经过50多年的发展,我厂现在占地面积为13570平方米,建筑面积13261平方米,90年来固定资产原值达1087.1万元,全厂现有职工400 余人。
    我厂拥有从原材料铝锭投料生产到各种成品产生的一整套现代化生产设备, 计有连铸连轧机组2台,各种型号绞丝机11台,方锭浇注机1台;各种型号拉丝机7台, 塑线挤出机2台,辊压模1台。可生产各种规格品种的产品,包括: 铝绞线和钢芯铝绞线、铝母线、铝扁线、圆铝鲜美、铜绞线、塑胶线、换位导线、控制电缆(KVV)、 耐候型塑料绝缘电线、产品除按国家标准生产外,还可按国际电工委员会标准(IEC)、英国标准(BS)、美国标准(ASTM)、日本标准(JIS)、法规标准(NF) 、 加拿大标准(CSA)和德国标准(DIN)进行生产。所有产品均使用"银狮"注册商标。
    我厂工艺技术先进,测试手段齐全,并有完善的管理制度和雄厚的技术力量, 产品质量稳定可靠,在全国各地及海外客户享有声誉,是国内线缆行业中著名的专业单位,我厂生产的钢芯铝绞线获得"1991年上海优质出口商品"的称号,并在< < 上海市200家最大企业>>中排序第104位,企业经验、管理、效益在同行业中名列前茅,在理改革开放的新时代里,上海铝线厂愿与同行业朋友 及广大客户互勉共进。

                       outline of the Factory

    Shanghai Aluminium Wire factory was built in Octorber,1939.She is a assigned middle-sized enterprise which produces aluminium conductor,and is the earliest mass-produce aluminium conductor factory in China . As the result of fifty's development.Our factory has take-up area:13570 sq. M:and 13261 sq.M of built-up area.Sinse 1990, the fixed assets are 10871000 yuan.And now,there are over 400 workers in our factory.
    Our factory owns a complete set of equipments from raw and processed materials to and products.They are:two of continuous casting-rolling;eleven of all type stranding machines; one of ingot caster ;seven of all type drswing bench;two of plastic extruding machine; and one of roller die drilling. Our factory can produce aluminium stranded condutcor; aluminium busbars;rectangular aluminium wires;copper stranded comductor; plastic insulated wire; transposed conductor; control cable(kvv); and weather -resistance plastic insulated wire.The productors are produced not only according to Chinese Standard( GB) ; but also according to International Electrical Committee(IEC);American standard(ASTM);British Standard(BS);French Standard(NF) ; Canadian Standard( CSA) ; Japanese Standard(JIS) and German Standard(DIN). The trade mark of all the products is "SILVER LION". Our factory has advanced technology;complete test methods; perfect regulatory regime and rich technical force. Quality of product is steady and reliable.We are praised by many consumers in the world .Aluminium conductor steel-reinforced which produced by our factory has gained the name of "1991'Shanghai high-quality export goods". During the modern open time,   we(Shanghai Aluminium Wire Factory )wish to go forward to the future with friends of the same occupation and numerous users together.
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